“Nutrition Cures Disease” by Vera Tweed

From Better Nutrition magazine, August 2013:  “Nutrition Cures Disease” by Vera Tweed.

Andrew Saul, PhD, is a calm and patient person, yet he is a passionate advocate of a revolutionary idea: that good nutrition, with food and supplements, cures disease. While reducing risk for disease with a healthy diet is a widely recognized premise today, it’s taboo in many circles to say that nutrients can cure any illness, so much so that it’s illegal for producers of foods or supplements to say a product can heal―even if that’s the truth.

An educator and author who doesn’t formulate, design, or promote products, Saul calls it like it is. “Good food makes you healthy; lousy food makes you sick.”

Defining Moments

In 1974, Saul stepped into a health food store for the first time ― and it changed his life. Then 19 years old, he was just beginning graduate school.

“I saw a literature rack,” he recalls, “one of those old revolving wire racks that you might sell comic books on.” But this one was filled with reprints from the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research (, an organization that scoured medical journals for peer-reviewed articles showing how nutrition cured disease.

“These were studies that were published in real medical journals” recalls Saul, “Some in the 30s and 40s and a lot of them in the 50s, before the drug industry really took hold of American health care.” They described curing tuberculosis, for example, with a high-protein, low-carb diet, and how children raised on a low-sugar diet that was rich in minerals had absolutely no tooth decay.

“This was a moment for me,” he recalls. Another defining experience came nearly ten years later, after he picked up a copy of Better Nutrition in another health food store and read an article about how to determine the right dose of vitamin C. Because Saul used that information while raising his children, they grew up without getting sick and without taking even a single dose of antibiotics. “This is how good vitamin C is as a fundamental medicine in high doses,” he says.

Carrying the Torch

Saul’s life path has been driven by curiosity to learn the truth and to share the knowledge with others. And, he says, “Curiosity can save your life.

Historically, independent health food stores have acted much like a lighthouse, says Saul, bringing in people who want to find out about holistic or alternative ways to prevent and treat health conditions and live in good health. And today, he says, “That’s the message that health food stores are still trying to bring.”

Andrew Saul, PhD, is an educator, author of best-selling books such as Doctor Yourself and Fire Your Doctor, and founder of The largest health site without any advertising whatsoever, it includes this statement from Saul: “This website contains controversial scientific ideas that may be of an offensive nature to some well-educated persons.”

Content includes:

  • Hundreds of articles on science-based nutritional cures for virtually any health condition.
  • The Orthomolecular Medicine News Service: Sign up for a free subscription to receive news about nutritional cures.
  • The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine: Free full text of hundreds of scientific articles.

(Reprinted with permission of the author and Better Nutrition magazine.)

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